UTAH: Trump Cultists Disrupt County Meeting On Face Masks In Schools, Chairman Calls Off Meeting [VIDEO]

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

As she walked up to the podium to speak, one of the moms grabbed a face mask and spit her gum out into it. “It’s garbage,” she shrugged, wadding it up. “It doesn’t work anyway. Not for me and not for my kids.”

A dad who spoke after her said he, too, doesn’t think the masks are effective, and said he’s pulling his kids out of school this fall if the state doesn’t lift its mandate requiring all K-12 students to wear a face covering.

Parent after parent followed at the Utah County commission meeting Wednesday afternoon, objecting for more than two hours to having their kids in masks even as counts of the virus continue to climb across the state, where there are more than 30,000 confirmed cases.

The Washington Post reports:

As the meeting started, protesters wearing Trump 2020 hats and hoisting small American flags poured into the small boardroom. Tape had been laid on chairs and on the ground to maintain social distancing, but the demonstrators stripped it off, sitting side-by-side and gathering against the walls.

Ainge, the commission’s chair, ended the meeting little more than a minute after it began. But even after he got up and left, the protesters got up one by one to rail against the face mask order, rattling off a catalogue of reasons they opposed it.

The Provo Herald reports:

As he left, Commissioner Tanner Ainge stopped outside the building to answer questions from reporters and some of the protesters, and pointed out that the commission doesn’t have any power regarding the mask mandate for students because it is a directive issued by the state and the local school district.

One woman pushed back, yelling at Ainge and asking him why he would force her daughter to wear a mask. Ainge again affirmed the school mask mandate wasn’t his decision. Immediately after, the woman experienced what appeared to be a panic attack and was transported to a hospital by paramedics.