Trump’s Texts Temporarily Blocked As Spam By Carriers

Politico reports:

A test run of one of Donald Trump’s most important voter-contact programs was abruptly shut down over the July 4 weekend, potentially costing the president millions of dollars in donations and raising alarms about whether the initiative will face roadblocks in the run-up to the election.

Trump’s campaign used the weekend to test-drive its text messaging program, a cornerstone of its small-donor outreach and its voter turnout plan. But after sending out over 1 million patriotic-themed messages, the enterprise was taken offline by anti-spam monitors employed by mobile phone giants.

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner quickly reached out to Verizon and T-Mobile in hopes of fixing the problem. It took five days to resolve the shutdown, leading Republicans to worry the same thing could happen this fall as the president urges his supporters to vote, when the stakes will be much higher.

I got 11 texts from the Trump campaign yesterday alone.