Trump Vows To Veto $740B Defense Spending Bill Over Amendment To Change Names Of Confederate Bases

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump reaffirmed late Tuesday that he would veto this year’s proposed $740 billion annual defense bill if an amendment is included that would require the Pentagon to change the names of bases named for Confederate military leaders, his strongest rebuke against the measure amid a national reckoning over systemic racism.

“I dare President Trump to veto the bill over Confederate-base naming,” Schumer said to reporters. “It’s in the bill. It has bipartisan support. It will stay in the bill.” He added, “I think the bottom line is what’s in the bill will stay in the bill.”

Without Trump vetoing the entire defense bill, stripping the amendment from this year’s NDAA remains highly unlikely. Opponents of the base-renaming amendment are not expected to be anywhere close to the 60 votes needed to remove it from the bill.