Trump Defends Confederate Flag: “Freedom Of Speech”

Mediaite reports:

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge spoke with the president Tuesday and pointed out that in 2015, when asked if he thinks the Confederate flag flying above the South Carolina state house needs to go, said, “I think it probably does, and I think they should put it in the museum.”

“Do you still believe that?” Herridge asked. “All I say is freedom of speech,” Trump responded. “It’s very simple. My attitude is freedom of speech. Very strong views on the Confederate flag. With me it’s freedom o speech, very simple. Like it, don’t like it, it’s freedom of speech.”

Herridge asked the president if he would be comfortable with his supporters displaying the Confederate flag at political events. “It depends on what your definition is,” the president responded, “but I am comfortable with freedom of speech. It’s very simple.