Trump Cultist Screaming “Jesus Matters” Arrested After Defacing BLM Mural Outside NYC Trump Tower [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports:

Two women were arrested Saturday afternoon for smearing black paint across the “Black Lives Matter” mural outside Trump Tower, with a city cop injured after he slipped while grabbing one of the suspects, police said.

The chaotic scene — the third attack by vandals targeting the Midtown street art in a week — began around 3 p.m. when a car carrying four women and 10 cans of paint arrived at the Fifth Ave. site, according to witness/street artist Nina Khan and a photo of the vehicle.

“Refund the police!” the woman shouted as the cops moved in and an angry eyewitness shouted obscenities at her. “Refund the police! Jesus matters! Jesus matters! We will never support Black Lives Matter! Trump 2020!”

The screaming woman, Beverly Beatty, whose Twitter profile says she’s the “wife of Christ,” was suspended yesterday by Twitter.

It appears that she may have a QAnon connection as those nutbags are promoting her actions with the hashtag #OperationPaintDrop.

As you’ll see in the second clip below, an NYPD officer takes a hard fall on the paint and strikes his head on pavement.