Trump Calls NYC “A Hellhole That Everybody’s Leaving” After Manhattan DA Wins SCOTUS Tax Case [VIDEO]

The Independent reports:

Donald Trump, arms folded tightly across his chest, called a Supreme Court ruling that likely will hand his tax and financial records to a Manhattan district attorney “purely political,” and called his hometown of New York a “hellhole” that “everybody is leaving.”

The president’s comments came when he was asked about a Supreme Court ruling Thursday morning that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance has a right to obtain tax and financial records from his accounting firm.

“The rulings were basically starting all over again,” the president told reporters. He said to a “certain point” he is satisfied with the court’s ruling, but also not happy in another way. “It’s a pure witch hunt, a hoax,” he said. “A political witch hunt.”

As you’ll see in the clip, Trump goes on to again lie that Obama and Biden spied on his campaign, which he says is the “biggest political crime in the history of our country.”