Trump Boasts About Disastrous Fox News Interview

First, a couple of reminders:

During a bizarre Sunday interview filled with falsities and ridiculous statements, President Donald Trump claimed Joe Biden “doesn’t even know he’s alive” while boasting about his own mental health.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace told the president that according to recent polling, including a Fox News poll, the American people say Biden is more mentally fit to serve as president than Trump.

Trump then referred to a cognitive test he claimed, earlier this month, to have taken at Walter Reed Medical Center and bragged to have “aced” the test so impressively that the doctors were “very surprised” and told him: “That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did.”

From journalist Bill Press:

For the first time, Trump was not allowed to ramble, change the subject, exaggerate or repeat his oft-repeated lies. He tried, but Wallace challenged him, corrected him, fact-checked him and badgered him into answering the question — leaving Trump flustered, confused, angry, baffled and unable to substantiate any one of his standard big lies.

On the coronavirus, for example, Trump again insisted the United States has done more testing and has a lower mortality rate than any other country — which Wallace showed is demonstrably not true. Trump also showed a stunning lack of knowledge about how bad things are and lack of concern for victims of the disease.