Top Touring Exec: Don’t Expect Concerts Until 2022

“Look, the whole thing is a shit show. Whether it’s testing or it’s the government, it’s too infinite of a well to go down. But in my humble opinion, it’s going to be ‘22. It’s going to take that long before what I call the ‘germaphobia economy’ to be slowly killed off and be replaced by what I call the ‘claustrophobia economy,’ which is where everybody wants to go out and go back to dinner and have their life and go to festivals and go to shows.

“And my instinct is that’s just going to take a while because as you can see, these super-spreader events — sports, shows, festivals, anything, the classroom — ain’t going to do too well while the virus is this present. There is no insurance against Covid currently offered and even normal insurance policies are pretty scarce and hard to come by.

“The insurers are sitting on the sideline because there’s infinite liability. ‘Hey I got Covid,’ this and that – how do you prove it, etc.? I think the biggest companies can maybe self-insure, and they can start. Everybody else has to wait till the insurance industry feels good.

“So that’s one of many, many roadblocks in the way of restarting this vibrant economy that got shut down. So there’s probably 20 reasons. Insurance is a biggie. And I don’t know when that comes back, either.” – Lollapolooza co-founder Marc Geiger, speaking to Variety.