Tony Perkins: Marxist Black Lives Matter Wants Violent Revolution With The One Goal Of Destroying America

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Ordinary people in this nation, well-meaning Christians even, want to believe that Black Lives Matter is just a crusade for racial justice. That it’s a peaceful group, if not a passionate one, fighting for civil rights.

They buy into the sentiment, not realizing that what they’re really adopting in those three words is a violent revolution with one goal: annihilating America. This isn’t the stuff of posters and wristbands. These are extremists with a profoundly chilling vision. And they’ll be the first ones to tell you so.

How many Christians plaster “Black Lives Matter” across their social media pages not realizing that they’re supporting a group that wants to abolish the nuclear family? Or that the movement they’re identifying with justifies cop killings, prostitution, anti-Semitism, anarchy, and the suppression of speech and religion?

Too many people have been taken in by this whitewashed version of the BLM movement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, not realizing the dangerous agenda lurking beneath.

There are a lot of good people in this country who think by embracing this cause and repeating its mantra that they’re somehow ascribing value to the lives of African Americans. Far from it.

Never forget that Tony Perkins was once sanctioned by the FEC for buying former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s mailing list for over $80,000 and then lying about it. Or that he once keynoted a meeting of a white supremacist group that calls black people “a retrograde species of humanity.” Or that he endorsed Trump’s racist birther claims.