Tony Perkins Celebrates: Mike Pompeo Is “Clearing Out The 72 Years’ Worth Of Weeds” Of Fake Human Rights

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

When Secretary Mike Pompeo first set out on this journey to get back to the real heart of human rights, no one could have possibly predicted the year our country would have. Shaken by outrage, unrest, and the growing insistence that America is too flawed to fix, a return to our roots will only dredge up more hard feelings, some say.

On the contrary, Pompeo insists. Maybe the best time to revisit all that’s pure and good about our nation is when people are determined to destroy it. “Some say the report’s timing couldn’t be worse,” he said. “I say the timing couldn’t be better.”

Pompeo’s project, the creation of a Commission on Unalienable Rights, was a personal mission. Like a lot of people, he’s watched activists try to expand the definition of human rights to suit their agendas on everything from free health care to college tuition, U.S. immigration, and abortion-on-demand.

It was time, he decided, to clear the 72 years’ worth of weeds that had cropped up since the world settled on its original Declaration of Universal Human Rights in 1948.

Together with a handpicked team of historians, scholars, and philosophers, he was going to get everyone on the same page about our freedoms and where they came from. And, once they did, separate the real rights from the imposters.

As I noted earlier today in my roundup of reactions to Pompeo’s report, among the “weeds” that Pompeo is pruning are LGBTQ rights.