“Threatened” Costco Covidiot Has Already Been Fired

Law & Crime reports:

The latest viral video, filmed more than one week ago at a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida, showed a man in a red “Running the World Since 1776” t-shirt screaming that he “felt threatened” as he approached the purported source of the threat.

“I feel threatened,” he yelled. “Back off! Threaten me again. Back the fuck up [and] put your fucking phone down!” You can hear a woman speaking in the background. She seems to call him Dan. Twitter sleuths promptly identified him as Daniel Maples, a Florida man and an insurance agent at Ted Todd Insurance.

The company confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that it fired the person who appeared in the Costco video. Charley Todd, the CEO of Ted Todd Insurance, said the former employee “absolutely does not represent our values and no longer works at our agency.”

I was so sure he was a cop.