Team Trump Gaslights Him On His Sagging Popularity

The Daily Beast reports:

As Trump’s re-election campaign has struggled to tear down former Vice President Joe Biden with less than four months until Election Day, the president’s staff have devoted considerable resources to finding novel ways to make him feel better about the crumbling world around him.

They tell him tales of his sagging poll numbers being fake. They’ve concocted ways of convincing him that the adoring crowds he loves on the campaign trail are still there and ready.

They’ve pledged that the social, racial, and economic crises ravaging the nation are ephemeral. And they’ve carried his water as he seeks to reassert his authority over situations falling beyond his control.

At the link you’ll see that the pro-Trump boat parades in Florida are a key part of Team Trump’s effort to gaslight Trump on his popularity. Trump has reportedly become obsessed with his “beautiful boaters” and has asked staffers to organize more parades.