SPLC Links Pro-Trump OAN Host To White Supremacists

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

Far-right commentator Jack Posobiec is a current host on One America News Network (OANN), an information network widely known to distort facts and which has been embraced by President Trump.

This investigation has found that Posobiec — a Trump favorite — has collaborated with white supremacists, neo-fascists and antisemites for years, while producing propaganda that Trump and his inner circle have publicly celebrated.

“Jack Posobiec’s extensive ties to white supremacists should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who hasn’t made the connection between Trump’s MAGA movement and hate,” said Michael Edison Hayden, the SPLC senior investigative reporter who uncovered the story about Posobiec and his ties to white supremacy and the White House.

That’s just the opener. Hit the link for the SPLC’s extensive report, which begins with a debunking of Posobiec’s claim to be a former employee of CBS News, who say he never worked for them.

Posobiec has appeared on JMG multiple times for promoting false and usually pro-Trump claims, most recently when he claimed that pipe bombs were planted in DC by protesters.

One of the first promulgators of the Pizzagate and Seth Rich nutbag claims, Posobiec is regularly retweeted by Trump.

He first came to wide attention for series of stunts, such as rushing the stage in Central Park during the performance of a Shakespeare play.