Sebastian Gorka Argues For Superiority Of “Whiteness”

“What has whiteness brought us? What has western civilization brought us? When you look at the western civilization, when you look at representative democracy, you look at rule of law, you look at equality before the law, you look at equality of the sexes.

“Or, we could go to the African subcontinent and have female genital mutilation be a part of their local culture, or we could have slave markets in Libya.  Maybe we should follow the slave markets of Libya, as opposed to the inherent whiteness of our civilization.

“If whiteness is bad, then what do we replace it with? If we have to replace it with, I don’t know, blackness or yellowness, what does that mean? Does it mean that some cultures are better than others? Oops — I thought we weren’t allowed to say that.” – Sebastian Gorka, on his radio show.

Earlier this week Trump announced his intention to appoint Gorka to a four year term on the National Security Education Board.