RNC Members Vow To Attend Convention Despite Risks

The New York Times reports:

More than a dozen Republican National Committee members from across the country told The Times in interviews that they were still planning to attend the party’s convention next month in Florida, despite the surge in cases.

“It’s a risk you have to take,” said Morton Blackwell, 80, an R.N.C. member from Virginia. “You take risks every day. You drive down the street and a cement truck could crash into you. You can’t not do what you have to do because of some possibility of a bad result.”

“If I can safely go to Walmart or a restaurant, I am confident we can safely gather to conduct the important business of the Republican Party renominating the president and vice president,” said Henry Barbour, an R.N.C. member from Mississippi.

At last count, five Republican Senators have said they will not attend the convention.