Seniors Are Turning On Trump In Battleground Florida

CNN reports:

John Dudley, a retired banker, proudly cast his ballot for Donald Trump in 2016, excited at the prospect of sending an entrepreneur to the White House on a pledge to change Washington. It’s a vote he regrets, he said, and a mistake he hopes to correct in November. “He blew it,” Dudley said, not mincing words as he assessed Trump’s first term. “We were so excited in the beginning. A businessman to run our country like a business and it hasn’t happened.”

The searing sentiment of Dudley, 77, illustrates one of the rising worries inside the Trump campaign: losing the senior vote, a reliably Republican constituency for two decades.
Here in Florida, people 65 and older made up 21% of the vote in 2016. Trump won that group by 17 points over Hillary Clinton. But now, one poll after another shows Joe Biden either tied — or with an edge — among senior citizens in key battleground states and nationally.

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