REPORT: Gohmert “Berated” Staff For Wearing Masks

Politico reports:

Shortly after we reported that Rep. Louie Gohmert had tested positive for Covid-19, we got an email from one of his aides saying this: “Jake, thank you for letting our office know Louie tested positive for the Coronavirus. When you write your story, can you include the fact that Louie requires full staff to be in the office, including three interns, so that ‘we could be an example to America on how to open up safely.’ When probing the office, you might want to ask how often were people berated for wearing masks.”

A few things are clear after covering Washington for four months in the coronavirus era: Most people are taking this seriously, but not everyone. And all it takes is one irresponsible person — an armchair scientist who decides masks aren’t for them, or their entire office should work in person in the middle of a pandemic — for many of us to get sick with a virus that could kill us. Yet, the congressional leadership efuses to require testing or masks for the people who come into the building each week.