#QAnon House Candidate: Satanic Beyonce Is Secretly White And Part Of George “Soros’ Deep State Agenda”

Media Matters reports:

K.W. Miller is an independent candidate running in Florida’s 18th Congressional District. Miller has repeatedly tweeted the QAnon hashtag and QAnon slogan “#WWG1WGA” and “#GreatAwakening” (along with a hashtag for the Pizzagate conspiracy theory).

He has also posted the QAnon hashtag and QAnon slogan on Facebook and repeatedly posted “#GreatAwakening” on Instagram.

He also put up a Facebook ad in January promoting a campaign event featuring QAnon supporters Ann Vandersteel and KrisAnne Hall as special guests.

Florida’s primary is August 18th. The incumbent in District 18 is GOP Rep. Brian Mast, who won a second term in 2018 by eight points. The district encompasses all of St. Lucie and Martin counties and a northern sliver of Palm Beach County. Dozens of QAnon nutbags are running for Congress and two have won GOP primaries.