#QAnon Cultists To Hold Rally At GOP Convention

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch:

Believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory are staging an event in Jacksonville, Florida, next month coinciding with the second day of the 2020 Republican National Convention. Pro-Q personalities and followers will gather at an ice rink and indoor sports facility 11 minutes away from the RNC​ to “rock out on stage to celebrate President Donald Trump’s nomination and eventual defeat of Sleepy Joe Biden,” according to the event page.

QAnon followers believe that Trump is working in secret to expose ​their​ perceived social and political enemies ​covering up horrific crimes, like child sex trafficking, and committing acts of treason against Trump. As the conspiracy theory has spread, the coinciding community has absorbed countless other outlandish theories about aliens, 5G networks, and alternative medicines—just to name a few.

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