Politico: Trump World Is Going All-In On #QAnon

Politico reports:

On July Fourth, before President Donald Trump spoke to the nation from the White House lawn, he spoke indirectly to another community on Twitter: QAnon. That afternoon, he retweeted 14 tweets from accounts supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory, a sprawling and ever-mutating belief that a mysterious government official who goes by “Q” is leaving online clues about a messianic Trump’s secret plan to dismantle a cadre of Washington elites engaged in everything from pedophilia to child sex trafficking.

Those around Trump have followed suit. Eric Trump, the president’s son, recently posted a giant “Q” on Instagram as well as the hashtag version of the community’s slogan: “Where we go one, we go all.” White House deputy communications director Dan Scavino sparked glee on Facebook when he posted a photo with Q symbology. Over on Parler, the niche Twitter alternative and MAGA hub, Rep. Devin Nunes directed people to The Dirty Truth, a video producer who has promoted QAnon-related conspiracies.

The article goes on to note that Rudy Giuliani has tweeted various QAnon hashtags and that Michael Flynn posted a video in which he leads a group of friends in taking the “QAnon oath.” Read the full article. Dozens of QAnon nutbags are running for Congress and so far two have won their GOP primaries.