Perkins: Facebook Caved To Totalitarian Activists Who Don’t Want People To Know That Being Gay Is A Choice

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Everyone is entitled to information, Facebook has argued. Except, maybe, people struggling with their sexuality. Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, along with its subsidiary Instagram, may be trying to keep those hurting users from getting the information they’re looking for.

Other platforms have been more proactive. “A Twitter spokesman said their platform already enforces against content that promotes conversion therapy under their ‘no harm’ rule,” which is ironic, FRC’s Peter Sprigg points out, since the whole point of SOCE is to help people from being harmed by their lifestyle choices.

Like others beholden to the far-Left, social media moguls don’t want to admit that change is possible because it undermines the whole linchpin of their LGBT activist friends: that being gay or transgender isn’t a choice. So, they ratchet up their misinformation machines, insisting that all counseling is torture.

Media organizations should resist the increasingly totalitarian demands of LGBT activists that they censor all opposing viewpoints. Neither democracy nor science can thrive without a free exchange of ideas.