One Million Moms Vs Disney+ And “Hamilton” [VIDEO]

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

The film Hamilton is now streaming on Disney+, and the movie includes another first for the streaming company – the use of the f-word along with other excessive profanity. Hamilton, the Broadway musical turned film, was released July 3 on Disney+ and is rated PG-13.

Once again Disney is not protecting its young audiences. Also, Disney continues to be uncooperative with the Family Movie Act – legislation that would allow parents to use technology to filter and block inappropriate and explicit content in films.

Disney needs to highly reconsider the language it includes in its movies. Shame on Disney+ for allowing even one f-bomb, along with other multiple uses of profanity, to remain in the film Hamilton. It’s just too much and totally unnecessary on a streaming service for family and children.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition to Disney CEO Bob Chapek urging him to remove the f-word from the film Hamilton immediately. Let him know your family will not be watching this movie because dropping the f-bomb and using inappropriate language goes against your beliefs and values that you teach your children.