New Quinnipiac Florida Poll: Joe Biden +13 Over Trump

Just in from Quinnipiac Polling:

In the race for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden opens up a big lead over President Trump. Voters back Biden 51 – 38 percent over Trump. In an April 22nd poll, it was close with Biden at 46 percent and Trump at 42 percent.

Democrats back Biden 89 – 2 percent, independents back Biden 48 – 32 percent, compared to 44 – 37 percent in April, and Republicans back Trump 88 – 10 percent. President Trump receives a negative 40 – 58 percent job approval in Florida, down from a 45 – 51 percent approval rating in April.

“The president doesn’t escape the shifting moods and concerns of voters in Florida. His sagging numbers are a gut punch from one of the key states he keenly hopes to win,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said.

A different poll issued today shows Biden at +6. Hit the link for polling on DeSantis, which is unsurprisingly terrible.