New Georgia Poll: Biden And Trump In Dead Heat

Just in from Monmouth Polling:

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are engaged in a tight race for Georgia’s electoral votes according to the Monmouth University Poll. Republicans, on the other hand, are in a good position to retain both of the state’s U.S. Senate seats.

Among all registered voters in Georgia, Trump is supported by 47% and Biden is supported by 47%, with 3% saying they will vote for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and 3% who are undecided.

These results include 42% who are certain to vote for Trump and 39% who say the same for Biden. At the other end of the spectrum, 45% say they are not at all likely to vote for the incumbent and 44% say the same for challenger.

The two major party candidates are in strong positions with their fellow partisans – Biden among Democrats (96% to 3%) and Trump among Republicans (92% to 7%). Biden has a sizable advantage among independents (53% to 31%).

Black voters choose Biden (89% to 5%), while white voters back Trump (69% to 27%). Trump has leads among white voters without a college degree (73% to 22%) as well as white college graduates (59% to 36%) in Georgia.