KS Paper Apologizes For Mask/Holocaust Comparison

The Washington Post reports:

On Friday, the Anderson County Review, a Kansas newspaper, posted a cartoon to Facebook in response to a new statewide mask order from Gov. Laura Kelly (D).

The image showed Kelly [photo] in a face covering emblazoned with the Star of David over a photo of Jews in Nazi Germany, with the caption: “Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask … and step onto the cattle car.”

After a weekend of stinging rebukes, the paper’s owner and publisher, who is also a GOP county chairman, pulled the cartoon and apologized on Sunday.

From his Facebook post:

After some heartfelt and educational conversation with Jewish leaders, I can acknowledge the imagery in my recent editorial cartoon describing state government overreach in Kansas with images of the Holocaust was deeply hurtful to members of a culture who’ve been dealt plenty of hurt throughout history — people to whom I never desired to be hurtful in the illustration of my point. It is not my intention to heap more grief onto this historical burden, and it’s apparent I previously lacked an adequate understanding of the severity of their experience and the pain of its images.