Joe Biden +6 Over Trump In New Florida Poll

Florida Politics reports:

A new survey shows Joe Biden’s support on the rise in the Sunshine State. If the presidential election were held today, 50% of Florida voters would pick Biden and 44% would vote for Donald Trump, according to fresh numbers from St. Pete Polls.

Another 2% of voters plan to vote for a third-party candidate while 3% remain undecided. The poll was conducted for Florida Politics and AARP Florida on July 13 and 14. Pollsters report a margin of error of 1.8%. Biden’s 6% lead falls comfortably outside the margin of error.

A look at the crosstabs for the latest poll shows Biden making the greatest gains among swing voters. Biden is now the choice of nearly 53% of Florida independent voters, while just 39% favor Trump. In May, Biden led among independents 47% to Trump’s 44%.