Ingraham: If Biden Wins, Radicals Will Come For You

“Remember, when they go after the founders and Mount Rushmore, they are really going after you. If Biden wins in November, the Democrats and their rioter allies will turn their sights on you. You will become the target for criminals, for radicals, and the cancel culture.

“Many of you will be investigated, demonized, and even impoverished by a government indebted to the far left, and the only thing standing between us and that scenario is the man they tried to destroy from the moment he announced his candidacy.

“So, on Election Day, we’re not voting to save Trump. He will be fine no matter what happens. We are voting to save ourselves, our families, our kids, our churches, our schools, our whole way of life. That system that they want to destroy is our country and our home.”  – Laura Ingraham, last night.