Ingraham: Fauci Is Working For The Biden Campaign

Mediaite reports:

Laura Ingraham attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci over his Congressional testimony on Tuesday, where he warned the nation’s lawmakers about the ongoing risk from the alarming spike in coronavirus cases. His statements, the Fox News host essentially claimed, were tantamount to a political betrayal of President Donald Trump.

“Dr. Doom himself at a senate hearing today spreading more Covid panic,” Ingraham snarked, before throwing up a mock “Biden – Fauci 2020” graphic. “Can we admit that Fauci is working for the Biden campaign? For all we know, he could be Joe’s running mate. Why not.”

Ingraham then blamed the skyrocketing surge in coronavirus cases on the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, even though states like New York and Minnesota — which saw numerous demonstrations in the wake of the George Floyd killing — have seen their Covid case counts either continue to slowly drop or hold steady.