Haters Sue To Overturn LGBTQ Rights In Ohio County

Just in from Alliance Defending Freedom:

Kristi Stokes has always had a heart for service. It’s her way of glorifying God, and it is evident in every aspect of her life. For example, as a young adult Kristi taught and served as a missionary in Zimbabwe. She has also long worked with those facing homelessness in Cleveland and even held formal positions in youth ministry, music ministry, and as an associate pastor in her church.

When she was asked to officiate a family member’s wedding in 2018, she jumped at the chance. Through her experience officiating that wedding, Kristi realized that she loved being able to use her talents to bless couples getting married and celebrate the covenant they were making to each other and God. That’s why she decided to start Covenant Weddings. Through Covenant Weddings, Kristi officiates weddings and writes custom vows, prayers, and homilies for wedding celebrations.

But as she developed and grew her business, Kristi found out something troubling about her local laws. In Cuyahoga County, there is a law that would force her to celebrate and participate in ceremonies that violate her beliefs. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit on Kristi’s behalf, challenging this unconstitutional law. If Kristi refuses to violate her faith in this way, she faces heavy financial penalties.

This is likely at least the fourth or fifth time that Alliance Defending Freedom has helped create a company in order to have standing to challenge a local LGBT rights ordinance.

These “pre-enforcement challenges” are filed before the company is ever asked to perform or provide services for a same-sex wedding. 

For those unaware, Alliance Defending Freedom has advocated for criminalizing homosexuality in the United States and has aided such efforts in several foreign nations.

The current spokesperson for the DOJ is a former Alliance Defending Freedom staffer. Last year the Senate approved one of their lawyers for a lifetime seat on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.