Hate Group To Sue CA Gov Over New Lockdown Order

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

In California, we will be filing suit against Gov. Gavin Newsom on behalf of Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, who is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. The NHCLC represents 42,000 churches nationwide. In addition to NHCLC, Sam is the senior pastor of churches in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

On July 1, as anti-American protestors continued to fill California streets chanting songs of revolution, hatred and destruction, Gov. Newsom banned all singing or chanting in houses of worship! If you do an internet search for “singing in the bible,” you will find lots of Scripture texts that speak of singing to the Lord.

Even though the Bible says we should “Praise God in his sanctuary” (Ps. 150:1), Gov. Newsom says you must not! The governor has no authority to ban singing and chanting in churches.

Up until just yesterday, California churches were forced to limit attendance to 25% of capacity or 100 attendees, whichever were lower…no matter the facility size.

This ban ONLY applied to houses of worship, not the throngs of violent revolutionaries mobbing California’s streets or commercial outlets packed with shoppers! But now, Gov. Newsom has flipped the switch and gone back to FULL SHUTDOWN.

Today’s message ends with the usual money beg.