GOP US House Rep Charged With Felony Voter Fraud

Topeka’s CBS News affiliate reports:

U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins faces criminal charges of voter fraud. Shawnee Co. District Attorney Mike Kagay said Tuesday he filed four counts against Watkins: Interference with Law Enforcement, Providing False Information; Voting without being Qualified; Unlawful Advance Voting; and Failing to Notify the DMV of Change of Address. The first three are felonies, while the last is a misdemeanor.

The charges are related to the 2019 local elections. Watkins used a UPS store address on his registration. At the time, Watkins office said it was an honest mistake – that he used the store as a mailing address for his campaign. He later changed it to an apartment complex off SW Huntoon and Wanamaker in Topeka. The charges follow an investigation by the Shawnee Co. Sheriff’s Office. Kagay said the allegations came to his attention in December 2019, but the investigation was delayed by the COVID-19 shutdown.