Former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Says Trump Discussed Selling Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

From a New York Times interview with former Acting Homeland Security Sec. Elaine Duke:

She said that as Hurricane Maria approached Puerto Rico and Ms. Duke argued for an emergency declaration before its landfall, Mick Mulvaney, then the president’s budget director, resisted.

The next day, Ms. Duke said she was pleased when the president himself expressed concern about the people of Puerto Rico. But she said she grew frustrated as Mr. Trump later traded angry tweets with the island’s politicians.

“My thought process for both sides is all the negative energy is a distraction,” she said. Among her most searing moments during the response to the hurricanes came when she heard Mr. Trump raise the possibility of “divesting” or “selling” Puerto Rico as the island struggled to recover.

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Duke last appeared on JMG in October 2017 when she and multiple Trump administration officials were served with a FOIA request which demanded to know if any of them had discussed removing Trump for mental incompetence.

The filing was titled, “Request Of Government Information On Whether President Trump Is A ‘Moron.’” Duke left the position two months later upon the appointment of Kirstjen Nielsen.