Far-Right Dark Money Behind Batshit Doctors Group

NBC News reports:

America’s Frontline Doctors is led by a group of 10 doctors of varying specialties, according to its website, which was registered two weeks ago. The group’s leader, Dr. Simone Gold, is a “concierge immediate-needs physician,” who offers private medical consultations, according to an archive of her recently deleted professional website.

In April, she made several videos answering questions about COVID-19 while standing outside of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, wearing a white lab coat emblazoned with “Emergency Dept.” In a tweet, Cedars-Sinai said Gold was not on its staff or affiliated in any way with the hospital.

The group’s other members also include doctors seen at recent reopen protests and rallies, often organized by anti-vaccine activists. Dr. Jeff Barke has been a fixture of such rallies since April, where he’s made several misleading and inaccurate claims, according to Politifact.

According to the above-linked report, the group is supported by an array of “dark money and PACs” that have raised at least $24 million to battle lockdowns and spread insane conspiracy claims. Read the full article.