Ex-Gay Torture Leader Denounces Facebook/Instagram Ban As “Assault On Free Speech And Religious Liberty”

The Christian Post reports:

A professional psychotherapist who specializes in counseling those with unwanted same-sex attraction has denounced a recent social media ban on posts promoting “conversion therapy.”

Recently, Instagram and its owner, Facebook, announced that they were going to ban content that promoted the controversial practice of sexual orientation change efforts therapy, or what critics call “conversion therapy.”

Christopher Doyle, a professional counselor and executive director of the Institute for Healthy Families, told The Christian Post that he considers the social media sites’ decision an “assault on free speech and religious liberty.”

Doyle last appeared on JMG when he denounced the Trump administration for its alleged push for foreign countries to decriminalize homosexuality while ignoring the many US states that ban ex-gay torture. The Trump administration’s much ballyhooed overseas campaign has seen zero action.