Cuomo Calls Out Gay Partiers On Fire Island [VIDEO]

New York City’s Pix11 reports:

Photos and video of a large crowd gathering on Fire Island over the holiday weekend are drawing the ire of some on social media. Suffolk County police were called to the beach in Fire Island Pines, a hamlet on the barrier island, twice on Saturday for reports of large groups of people not social distancing or wearing masks, a department spokesperson said on Sunday. The gathering was one of several on Fire Island reported on social media Saturday.

A video of one of those incidents posted on Instagram shows dozens of people standing closely together without masks. A photo of the same gathering shows a Suffolk County police vehicle responding on the sand. Several people who said they live in the area spoke out in the photo’s comments, condemning the actions of the crowd and arguing that local residents and businesses have been following state coronavirus guidelines.

The Daily Mail reports:

Suffolk County police said officers walked through the gathering and reminded people to social distance, however no citations were issued. One attendee, Corey Hannon, even bragged on social media that he had recently contracted COVID-19, but, after only quarantining himself for eight days, he decided to flock to the beach party regardless.

Another of the attendees of the party, identified as Giancarlo Albanese, uploaded an image to his public Instagram page celebrating his apparent defiance of state social distancing guidelines. ‘F*** your mask. F*** your social distancing. F*** your vaccine. F*** your eugenics,’ Albanese wrote. ‘Kiss my a**hole if you think Im an a**.’