Cultists Clash With Protesters At Trump Tower [VIDEO]

The New York Post reports:

The giant new “Black Lives Matter” sign in front of Trump Tower has become a flashpoint for protesters clashing over the statement. One woman screamed “F–k you” at Black Lives Matter protesters, giving double middle-finger salutes — also making exaggerated coughing and sneezing gestures seemingly to scare rivals during the pandemic.

Wearing an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt and “Make America Great Again” red cap, the woman posed for pictures kneeling and raising a fist — gestures normally used to represent the Black Lives Matter cause.

The All Lives Matter protesters then started chanting “USA” and “Commie scum” to drown out the BLM chants — with each side giving the other the middle finger.

The Daily Mail reports:

Supporters and opponents of President Trump clashed in front of his New York City residence on Fifth Avenue on Saturday just two days after a large Black Lives Matter mural was painted on the street next to the entrance.

The tense exchanges between the warring political sides came as the city and the nation continued to be roiled by protests against police brutality.

Several of the pro-Trump demonstrators were members of the Proud Boys, an all-male far-right organization which describes itself as a fraternal club of ‘Western chauvinists’ who are ‘anti-racism.’