Conway Blasts Reporters For Stories On Mary Trump’s “Fictional” Book: “Family Matters” Should Stay Private

Mediaite reports:

In an interview on Fox News Tuesday, Harris Faulkner asked Conway for her response to an anecdote in which Ms. Trump and her aunt blasted the president’s “blatant racism” and lack of principles. Conway responded by disputing Mary Trump’s claim that the president and his sister have a negative relationship with each other. After that, she quickly turned to attack the media for taking notice of what the president’s niece has to say.

“I believe family matters should be family matters. I think the thin-skinned, troubled, living-in-a-glass-house mainstream media members who think peoples’ families are their business ought to really think thrice the next time they do that. We imbue instant credibility unto anybody, especially those not under oath and writing works of fiction as long as they’re out there to get the president. I think reporters ought to focus on getting the story and not the president.”