Christian Site: Vote Trump To Delay The Apocalypse

Charisma News founder Stephen Strang writes:

My longtime friend, Bishop George Bloomer, senior pastor of the Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina, believes that current events represent the four horses of the apocalypse: the white horse (false religion), red horse (war and communism), black horse (the economy) and the pale horse (the pandemic).

Bloomer believes that if Donald Trump is reelected, it will slow down these things from happening as quickly—especially one-world government and one-world economy. And Bloomer says if Trump loses, we may rush headlong into these four horses of the apocalypse and all they represent sooner.

I’ve always had difficulty understanding the book of Revelation, yet I know the events prophesied will come to pass even if some of its teachings seem obscure. I’m thankful for Christian leaders like Bishop Bloomer who are not afraid to speak up and shed light on current affairs through the lens of Scripture.

Strang last appeared on JMG in February 2020 when he declared that demons make people hate Trump.