Christian Post: Don’t Feel Guilty For Voting For Trump, You’re Also Voting For His “Non-Carnal” Appointees

Christian Post columnist John Reid writes:

If you’re a Christ-follower who’s wrestling with whether to vote for Trump in 2020, I get it. I understood your plight in 2016 and I understand it now, though less-so now. I’ll admit that in 2016 I abhorred the man’s behavior and I certainly wasn’t confident that Donald Trump would be the conservative policy-pusher that the Christian-right wanted.

But I have no reservations now, and, my brothers and sisters in Christ, neither should you. I would never ask someone to vote against their conscience, but I would challenge them to reconsider how their conscience is framed.

Remember that by voting for Trump, you’re effectively voting for many more people. Sure, Trump’s name is on the ballot for president, but you’re also voting for Mike Pence. You’re voting for outspoken Christians like Mark Meadows, Mike Pompeo, and many other committed non-carnal Christ-followers.

The column goes on to cite the right wing Trump agenda, including his stacking of the federal judiciary with Christianists.