Canada Tightens Rules On Driving Through To Alaska

The Washington Post reports:

The Canadian government said Thursday that it would tighten restrictions for all travelers transiting through Canada to Alaska for “nondiscretionary” purposes, such as work or going to a primary residence.

The new rules will require travelers to enter Canada at one of five ports of entry: Abbotsford-Huntingdon, Kingsgate or Osoyoos in British Columbia; Coutts in Alberta; and North Portal in Saskatchewan.

They must use the most direct route to get to Alaska and check in with Canadian officials at a port of entry near the state to confirm their exit from Canada. All travelers also will be issued a “hang tag” to attach to their rearview mirrors, which will indicate that they are in-transit travelers and include the date they must leave Canada.

Canada closed their US border to all “nonessential” travel back in early March, but some Americans have exploited the “I’m just going to Alaska” loophole to go elsewhere.