CA Tesla Plant Sees 130+ Cases, Workers Raise Alarm

The New York Post reports:

More than 1,500 Tesla workers have been infected or come in contact with someone who was infected with the coronavirus in recent months, according to a new report.

The majority of the cases popped up at Tesla’s Fremont, Calif. factory, according to Tesla blog Electrek. The facility was the focal point of a standoff between CEO Elon Musk and California authorities, who forced it to shut down under statewide lockdown orders.

Internal data obtained by the blog shows that a majority of employees who may have been exposed to the virus did not subsequently receive a COVID-19 test. More than 130 employees have tested positive for the virus.

CBS San Francisco reports:

Workers at Tesla were speaking out after an industry blog reported that more than a hundred employees have tested positive for coronavirus and more than a thousand have been exposed.

The workers raised serious concerns about their health and safety at the Fremont plant, but they say those concerns are being ignored. “I feel abandoned, we all feel abandoned,” says Tesla employee Branton Phillips.

Phillips and former Tesla employee Carlos Gabriel, say social distancing protocols are not being followed. They claim masks are provided but the rules are not enforced and there is no record of sanitation of equipment.

Fox Business reports:

The report comes after Tesla Fremont employees returned to work in May over the objections of local health officials. CEO Elon Musk had threatened to sue the county and move Tesla out of the state when health officials didn’t clear the factory to reopen amid the pandemic.

Tesla has been telling employees who test positive to stay home for 10 days after testing and at least three days after recovering, according to the report. Employees who test negative can return to work 24 hours after being fever-free.