Brian Brown: Send Money To Help Me Stop Polygamy

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

When the US Supreme Court illegitimately redefined marriage in their infamous 5-4 decision in the Obergefell case, we warned that among the consequences that would soon come is the inability to limit marriage to two people. That day is closer than ever to reality.

In the city of Somerville, MA the City Council has unanimously passed an ordinance officially providing legal recognition of “polyamorous” relationships. The Mayor has signed the proposal into law. The purpose of this new law is to, “[move] towards a legal understanding of family that’s as comprehensive as it needs to be to serve all families.”

We’ve got to respond to this new challenge to marriage – polygamy – a threat that will further destabilize the nation, undermine families and cause harm to children.

If polygamy were to ever be legalized or even normalized, it will soon be pushed on children in the public schools and through social media as another “healthy relationship alternative” that they should feel free to explore.

Now, critics will quickly claim that polyamory and polygamy are two different things. That’s true, but it’s a distinction without a difference.

Technically speaking, polyamorous relationships involve romantic attachments among all the partners involved (regardless of their sex) and without marriage being a factor, whereas polygamist relationships typically involve one of the partners, almost always a male, being romantically involved and “married” to each of several women. The women do not usually have any romantic relationship with each other.

Let’s not put our head in the sand and pretend that the imposition of polygamy is not a real and present danger, because it is. If we are silent while sexual radicals on the left move forward with their desire to create a legal structure that recognizes a “comprehensive” range of “families,” then they will succeed.

Brown’s email contains the usual 15 separate links to NOM’s donation page. He last appeared on JMG when he issued a belated endorsement of Ruben Diaz’s failed US House bid on the night before the primary.