Brian Brown Launches Russian-Language Hate Site

Their scam doesn’t pay as well here anymore, therefore:

I have a GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT: Today we launch our seventh language edition of, our Russian edition. We are proud to have great allies in Russia and it is truly fitting that we now have a strong pro-family news source in Russia and a team that can bring us the real news out of Russia into our other language editions.

It is also fitting because the International Organization for the Family’s World Congress of Families (WCF) was first conceived in an apartment in Russia as an idea shared between Dr. Allan Carlson, our founder, and Russian sociologist Dr. Anatoly Antonov.

Both these great thinkers knew that with the end of the Cold War it was more critical than ever that East and West unite around the natural family.

That a day was dawning when the family would be under more and more severe attack and that all of those who stood by the truth of family and life would need to come together regularly to unite and equip each other to successfully defend and promote the family.

Since then, I personally have spent a significant amount of time in Russia and developed many close friendships, including with our IOF board member and dear friend Alexey Komov. We have had numerous events in Russia and I have even spoken before a committee of the Duma.

I have realized that most of the Russian people share deep values with conservatives in the West and much of the anti-Russian hysteria we see in the West comes from an anti-family agenda. IOF and iFamNews are about uniting all defenders of the natural family, wherever they may be, in one great cause.

We will not accept the will of George Soros or Big Tech or Western “Liberalism” (which is anything but liberal) in defining our families or our nations.

Finally, if you are able to help in another way today, by providing your generous financial support to iFamNews, it would be greatly appreciated.

Best of all, all contributions we receive during our ongoing Summer Membership Drive are being DOUBLED! The financial support of our members and readers forms the backbone of the work that we do, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all your do to help us.