Batshit #QAnon Felon House Candidate: “God Sent Me”

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

“God sent me,” Angela Stanton-King, the Republican candidate in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, claimed in a tweet Wednesday night​. Stanton–King is among the congressional candidates identified by Media Matters and news outlets as having promoted QAnon-related conspiracy theories.

After authoring a series of tweets detailing ​her strident anti-LGBTQ views in March​, Stanton–King​ faced a wave of criticism.​ Blogger Alvin McEwen called her out for sending a tweet “implying that LGBTQ people are violent pedophiles” on the day she launched her campaign. On July 9, she tweeted, ​“First they stole the rainbow now they wanna steal the church.”

Stanton-King is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, who pardoned her earlier this year for her 2004 conviction on charges related to her role in a car theft ring. A White House statement mentioned that her pardon was supported by Alveda King, another vocal Trump supporter​ and Stanton-King’s godmother.