Armed Nazis March In Pennsylvania Park, Chant “Fuck The Gays,” Call Local Black Mayor The N-Word [VIDEO]

Penn Live reports:

Despite assurances they would not appear, approximately 15 members of National Socialist Movement (NSM), many of them armed, rallied in Williamsport’s Brandon Park Saturday afternoon. The NSM members following a short march through the park stopped on the Elizabeth Street side where with the aid of a battery-powered megaphone they spewed their white nationalist ideology intermixed with profanity.

The NSM had applied for a permit to rally Saturday but Mayor Derek Slaughter denied it as he did for all mass gatherings in July due to the pandemic. Members noted they showed up anyway and accused Slaughter, the city’s first African-American mayor, of not believing in the Constitution. They referred to him using the “N” word. A female member proclaimed “God hates the gays” and led a chant against them using the “F” word.