Wingnut PAC: Send Money To Save Carlson From Antifa

Just in via email:

Pressure continues to mount on Tucker Carlson as Media Matters-ANTIFA with 501(c)(3) status- doubles down on its crusade against Tucker Carlson Tonight‘s advertisers. Is Media Matters deciding who you watch?

Media Matters attacks Tucker’s advertisers because they don’t have a rebuttal to his arguments. They would rather shut Carlson down than debate him. And it looks like their efforts are gaining traction.

Last year, Fox hired former chair of the DNC and Clintonite Donna Brazile, never-Trumper Paul Ryan joined Fox Corp.’s board of directors, and traditional viewers of Fox News are noticing changes.

Media Matters and Black Lives Matter do not care whether reporting is “fair and balanced”. They want revolution, not debate. Tucker Carlson is the only one on television brave enough to say who they are. Show your appreciation and support the Stand With Tucker coalition.

That’s why it is imperative to have the support of hard-working Americans. Media Matters has put Tucker firmly in the crosshairs. Make sure that Media Matters understands that targeting hosts is a liability not an asset. You can help put an end to what Tucker has termed the “outrage machine”.

Note the final line below in a tiny font. Clicking past the Constitutional Rights PAC donation page, one finds this:

Larry Ward is the president of Political Media Inc, a Right of Center New Media consulting firm located on Capitol Hill. Over the past six national election cycles, Mr. Ward’s company has compiled a consistent winning record in its political and public relations campaigns.

Ward has achieved this success through merging almost two decades of advertising knowledge with political savvy, providing unparalleled solutions for today’s political environment.

Additionally, he is an outspoken defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, most recently organizing and participating in the Million Veteran March to the WWII Memorial in response to the October 2013 Federal Government shutdown.

Ward, to no one’s surprise, is a regular on OAN.