WaPo Examines History Behind #LadyGraham Hashtag

Thomas Balcerski writes for the Washington Post:

Last week, the hashtag #LadyGraham exploded on social media in response to allegations made on Twitter by gay adult-film star Sean Harding against Sen. Lindsey O. Graham of South Carolina (the hashtag, along with the abbreviated form “Lady G,” purportedly refers to Graham’s nickname among male sex workers).

What followed has been a mixed bag of political commentary, wanton speculation and downright trolling.

While the #LadyGraham hashtag is a reflection of the coarseness of our politics and fury toward Graham for his embrace of President Trump and his policies, rumors about politicians’ sex lives are nothing new in American history. From George Washington to Trump, illicit sexual liaisons have spanned more than two centuries of American politics.

As you’ll see at the link, what follows is a look at the history of sexual scandals among US politicians and a recounting of President James Buchanan’s evident passion for men.