US House Candidate To LGBTs: Repent Or Go To Hell

The New York Times reports:

The single most Democratic congressional district in America could next be held by a Democrat who opposes abortion rights, has a history of endorsing Republicans and making homophobic remarks and ­is still considering voting for President Trump in November.

Welcome to the South Bronx, the domain for decades of the Rev. Rubén Díaz Sr. Just a year ago, Mr. Díaz, a cowboy-hat-wearing Pentecostal minister and New York City councilman, was ignoring calls to resign his seat after saying the Council chamber was “controlled by the homosexual community.”

Now the former state legislator is seen as the front-runner in the 12-person contest, with Mr. Diaz’s recognition in the community delivering an advantage in a race where progressive alternatives are fracturing the vote.

From the Human Rights Campaign:

“Rev. Ruben Díaz, Sr. is one of the most virulently anti-equality and anti-choice Democrats that New York has seen in a generation, lacking respect for even the basic humanity of LGBTQ people. Not only has he used his platform as an elected official to vote against marriage equality and freedom of choice, he’s used his bully pulpit to dehumanize us,” said HRC Deputy Campaign Director Jonathan Shields. “

HRC is fully committed to ensuring that hate has no place on the Democratic ticket, and encourages all voters in NY-15 to support Ritchie Torres.” Diaz Sr. has said he is “proud to be homophobic,” sued the state of New York over marriage equality, called gay men “sons of devils” and said New York had “no morals” after supporting transgender rights. In 1994, when the Gay Games were coming to New York City, Diaz Sr. claimed that they would increase the spread of AIDS.

On the primary ballot, Diaz has engineered the removal of “Sr.” so that voters might confuse him with his son, Ruben Diaz Jr., the popular and pro-LGBT Bronx borough president who has so far declined to endorse his father.

The title of this JMG post comes from the Twitter post below that was retweeted by Diaz today after another user criticized his anti-LGBT policies.

As longtime JMG readers know, a 2011 anti-LGBT hate march led by Diaz climaxed when one of his speakers cited the bible verse calling for executing homosexuals.