TULSA: Trump Rally Attendees Shrug Off Risk Of COVID

NBC News reports:

In conversations with dozens of Trump supporters lined up outside a convention center in downtown Tulsa to attend the president’s campaign rally on Saturday, many said they were not worried about contracting the illness and did not plan to follow strict precautions during the event. Many supporters also cast doubt on the severity of the outbreak and said that, regardless, they had a right to choose to put themselves at risk.

“I think [the coronavirus] has been hyped up more than it is. There’s flu, there’s cancer, there’s COVID-19,” said Mary Legan of Claremore, Oklahoma, adding that she brought a fanny pack full of hand sanitizer and masks for her and her husband, Ken. Neither were sure if they would wear masks the whole time while inside the arena, commenting on how uncomfortable they can be, especially when it is hot out.