Trump’s Anti-LGBT Solicitor General To Hit The Exit

Courthouse News reports:

After nearly four years of arguing for the Trump administration in high-stakes Supreme Court battles, Solicitor General Noel Francisco plans to leave the Justice Department, according to multiple reports Thursday morning. A former clerk for Justice Anthony Scalia, Francisco previously worked in the George W. Bush White House and at the Justice Department. He also spent time in private practice at the Washington, D.C., firm Jones Day.

In addition to arguing cases directly involving the Trump administration, Francisco has represented the administration’s interests as a friend of the court in a range of politically charged cases, including over the application of employment discrimination protections to gay and transgender people, the ability of public unions to collect fees from nonmembers and whether a baker could be compelled to make a cake for a gay couple getting married if he has a moral objection to same-sex marriage.

Francisco first appeared on JMG when he petitioned the Supreme Court to speed up its decision on Trump’s plan to ban transgender service members.